We are the #1 Destiny trials carry website in the world.

The Wolves Of Destiny is brought together by the top PVP and PVE players in all of the Destiny community. With our stats as 1-2-3 in trials to 1st and most raid completions we bring you the best experience and quality to your gaming needs.


What happens once my order is placed?

After your order is placed a certified professional will be notified and will begin working on your account on the same day or 1 day after purchase.

When will my order be done?

After you place your order, we aim to complete your requested service on the same day. Depending on the time the order was placed, this may fall on the following day after purchase. We address each order as they come in.

Will my order be done before reset?

Your order will most likely be done before reset. In some rare occasions it may be moved to the next coming week.

If my order isn't done, will it be moved to next week?

Yes, all orders that are not completed will be moved to the following week and will be the first to be completed.

Is this a legitimate business?

Yes, this business is recognized with Ohio’s Secretary of State and has been issued a LLC.

What is the name of this business?

Killer Guardians LLC.

Do you have a refund policy?


If we are unable to perform the service you requested within 7 days, we will gladly refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

  • Standard turnaround times for Trials are same day 1-2 days
  • Standard turnaround times for Raids are 2-3 days
  • Standard turnaround times for Miscellaneous activities are 1 day

Once services are completed, we are unable to offer a refund. If you have any concerns or issues, we want to resolve them immediately. Please contact us directly at or use our contact form to discuss any problems you may be experiencing.


I purchased a flawless run so I could get a shot at flawless, and I was not disappointed! Within a few hours of purchasing, I got a text asking if it was ok for them to sign on and run. After that, I was able to log back in not even 45 minutes later and collect my loot at the lighthouse. They even streamed the run at my request so I could follow along and watch how they played. Not only are they friendly but they’re professional too. Never have any doubts buying from these guys, they’re the best hands down. I’ll definitely be coming back!

Josh (Verified Purchase)

I’ve tried since year 1 to get to the light house and have never quite been able to make it. I was getting so frustrated loosing everything at 7-8 wins that I almost swore of it for good. The Wolves of destiny had fast service, good communication and great customer service! I would recommend to everyone who wants to experience the lighthouse!!! They even have an option so I could play along and contribute (a little)! I will definitely return!! Saves the headache of destiny while still getting the glorious loot!! I was skeptical at first! But I am a very satisfied customer! Try it!! You won’t be disappointed!

Bill (Verified Purchase)

These guys were awesome in both communication and skill (obviously). The run was done in roughly an hour, and I received a text asking if I was ready to do the run within about twenty minutes. To add to all of that, they were extremely nice. They deserve the money they get for their quick work and guaranteed services. A+++ for these guys. Two thumbs up from Ebert and Roeper. Four thumbs up from myself if I had that many.

Michael (Verified Purchase)